Welcome to the Heatherbrook Primary Academy website. This site offers you a glimpse of life at Heatherbrook.

Heatherbrook is a thriving academy where the Governors and staff are dedicated to providing a high standard of education for all of its pupils. We are also committed to providing a wide range of activities and opportunities during and after school to ensure that the children and families enjoy their time with us. In addition we have a Pre-school on the site which is run separately by the Local Education Authority for children of 3 years and upwards.

The academy is a caring environment that fosters good working relationships and promotes a calm and positive atmosphere.  Heatherbrook is a place where people matter and we are very proud of the tradition the school has for taking care of and supporting children as they learn and develop. We want parents, carers, teachers and children to work together to make this a happy and successful school.

At Heatherbrook, we have learning and high standards at the heart of everything we do. We are working to ensure the highest quality education for each individual pupil in order that they can maximise their life chances.

If you have any questions or queries about our school please contact Mrs Grundy, our school administrator on 0116 2357721 or by email at Please contact the school if you would like paper copies of any of the information found on our website.

Miss Jen Mitchell
Headteacher of Heatherbrook Primary Academy

@HeatherbrookPri Twitter

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