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Heatherbrook Primary Academy

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Learning without Limits Academy Trust

Contact Details

At Heatherbrook Primary Academy we are dedicated to the success of our students in a safe and caring environment. Your feedback helps us to achieve this aim. 

If you think we have done something particularly well, this helps us to spread good practice, and encourages the staff involved. If you have concerns or suggestions about how we could do better, we welcome that feedback too. We will be happy to discuss the issues with you collaboratively and with an open mind, we will address them if it is in our power, and we will always give you a clear statement of our conclusions.


Please address all general enquiries to Julia Grundy or Alison Molyeux, including requests for paper copies of information on this site.

Claire Beach

Chair of Governors

Rachel Barker

Telephone: 0116 2357721

All calls are recorded for safeguarding and monitoring purposes.

E-mail Address: hea-office@heatherbrook.lwlat.org.uk 

Academy Address

Astill Lodge Road

Beaumont Leys



Trust Central Office Address

Learning without Limits Academy Trust

c/o Lancaster Academy

Knighton Lane East



Company number: 10269535

Telephone: 0116 2746330
E-mail Address: info@lwlat.org.uk 

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